Make your own niddy noddy. 

Ages ago my old wodden niddy noddy broke, which was a very sad day. So I was left with the option to use the back of the dinning room chairs, untill one day I started to wind my wonderful newly spun wool on to skein up. I had noticed half way through that one of my lovely darlings had smeared jam all over the back of the seat and by this time it had already smeared its jammyness self all over my newly spun merino. So that was me in a rage and stomping around for the rest of the day, like a lion with a sore head. I was not impressed at all.. Now you can say I should of checked before hand to see if there was any villians lurking around in the area ready to pounce on my wool and make it all sticky. But I was in a inpatient daze wanting it done yesterday and thinking this is going to look so wonderful when its all set.
So the day came when I had a spare day to go shopping to the hardware shop looking for ideas for wall paper for my living room. Instead I came out with 22m tubing and some fixture fittings for plumbing. Totally random but thats how I work. So I will now proceed to show you what I did with these peices and give you the method of how I made my own niddy noddy.
So what do u need.
22m white tube. 22m equal tee fittings *2 and 22m stop ends *4, and a tape measure and a mini saw.


I measured the tube a placed a mark on the 2.5 m and this will be the centre peice,  I did this so then one whole wrap around the niddy noddy would equal to 1 meter. You can make this section bigger if you want to.  DSC_0686 1
I then measured out 4 equal lengths along the tube of 1m and cut them. (edit, I found this was a little bit small once all the fittings was on so maybe measure up to 2m)

Once all these peices are cut, you can file down the edges so they are a bit smoother and then no risk so pulling on your wool when you remove it from the niddy noddy later.

So now we are ready to put it all together.  Place the equal tee at each end of the 2.5m white tube you have cut. And then start to place the 4 other tubes in the with the stop ends on the ends. And hopefully you should have something that looks like this.DSC_0688

As you can see from this picture that the arm peices that the wool is wind on to is a little bit on the small side. So I would suggest makeing these alittle longer.
When you have wound your spun wool on and have tied it up you can remove one on the stop ends on one of the arms and slide the wool off. (This is why its really important to file down the edges before hand).
This is so versatile and easy to cary around. It can be dismantled and set back up in no time at all.
Hope you all enjoyed my blog. And have found it useful.
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