Merino pre-felt half meter square, hand dyed Blues and Purples.


merino pre felt. This item has been hand-dyed with blue and purple, each one is totally different.

what you will receive is roughly 1/2 meter square hand dyed piece of felt. these have been hand cut the some pieces are larger and some are smaller.

This item is hand cut to roughly around half a meter square. Then dyed in many different colours to give a individual feel to a project that you are working on.
Handmade by the Pembrokeshire coast.
Most of my inspiration comes from my local surroundings.
These items are one of a kind and are not repeatable, I dye on inspiration and mood at the time.

Made and stored in a pet friendly, smoke free environment.

I try my best to capture the true likeness of the colours but please take in to account that some screens can show different colours in different tones and hues. so please take this in to account when looking at the pictures.

Wool care instructions:
These are pre felted by a wool producer and I have dyed these to give them a individual look that you can use in your items. These can be needle felted on or wet felted with other wools.
Please take in to account that if you wet felt this is going to make the overall size of the item smaller as this is the case working with all wools in this manner.

Shipping. These items are vac packed for shipping. This can cause creases to remove the creases please let it rest for a little while. You can also cover with a thin towel and use a iron to steam the creases away.

Thank you for looking.

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