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Little crochet heart, (updated with free pattern).

I was asked to design something small for a class for people to give their loved ones on valentine’s Day. Or even for them self.


This is what I came up with.

These are made with hand painted merino wool and for the stuffing, I used sheep’s wool. But you can use standard filling. Even if you have a old cushion that you no longer use that filling will work just as well. The loop at the top can be used to turn it in to a key chain or make many in a range of different colours, and make a garland to dress a special area.

you can buy these ones above at

or you can make your own with free pattern below.

Crochet heart keyring

Make this small cute little crochet heart for your loved one or even your yourself, attach it to your bag or set of keys.

Materials: 20g of any double-knit yarn. Fibre filling or wool for stuffing.

Scissors.2 stitch markers. 3mm crochet hook.

Gauge: Yarn needs to be tight when crochet.

*- * make 2

*Make a Magic circle.

R1: 6dc in to magic circle (6)

R2: 2 dc in to each dc (12) R3: *1dc, 2dc * repeat round (18)  insert stitch marker

R4-R9: 1 dc in to next dc and place a stitch marker. [NB] 1 dc in each dc ( ch 20 sl st in to last stitch only do this once). (18)

[NB] If you don’t fancy moving the stitch marker each time you can just make a note with pen each time to pass round to the stitch maker when you have 5 your finished. *

Attach a slip knot to your crochet hook. Put 2 pieces together with the ties facing each other count 2

to the right

1 sl st 4.  Making sure you have the two pieces together.  also making sure you have the ch 20 on the outside.

R10: 1 dc in each stitch right round.

[NB even 1 dc in the stitches that you have joined together.]

R11: 1 dc in each stitch round.

Fold the heart together and put a stitch marker in each side. [this marks out the corners where you will start decreasing from]. 1 corner should be 9 stitches away from your start place a stitch marker. And then count 9 stitches back from the start and place the second stitch marker.


R12: dc8, dc2tog, dc 15, dc2tog, dc15, dc2tog.

R13: dc14, dc2tog dc 14, dc2tog.

R14: dc13, dc 2tog, dc13, dc2tog.

R15: dc12, dc 2 tog, dc12, dc2tog

[ at this point take some small stuffing and start to fill the heart up.]

R16: dc12, dc2tog, dc12, dc2tog.

R17: dc11, dc2tog, dc11, dc2tog.

R18: dc10, dc2tog, dc10, dc2tog.

R19: dc9, dc2tog, dc9, dc2tog.

R20: dc8, dc2tog, dc8, dc2tog.

[at this point add some more filling try not to over fill it]

R21: dc7, dc2tog, dc7, dc2tog.

R22: dc6, dc2tog, dc6, dc2tog. Add more filling at the point if needed.

Rr23: dc5, dc2tog, dc5, dc2tog.

R24: sl st all remaining stitches on to hook and bind off closing the hole at bottom. Weave in ends.

I do hope you enjoyed this pattern, and spread the love with this wonderful keyring. This pattern is the property of hooks and dye. Copies may not be sold for profit, but items made from pattern can.

Remember valentine’s is not only about loving others, it’s also about loving yourself


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