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Little crochet heart, (updated with free pattern).

I was asked to design something small for a class for people to give their loved ones on valentine’s Day. Or even for them self. This is what I came up with. These are made with hand painted merino wool and for the stuffing, I used sheep’s wool. But you can use standard filling. Even […]

Big momma knits a rainbow.

A new delivery today was made to big mommas knit in St David’s a custom colourway was created for a lovely new little shop and the colours most definitely show of the owners personality perfectly. You will have to be quick though because Katie may just buy them all. This is a exclusive colourway to […]

A little thank you goes along way.

So the time has come where tired little people get to spend six weeks relaxing. After spending a whole year building relationships and learning new skills and just growing up. And it’s at this time of year we all just like to say thank you to the other main adult in our children’s life besides […]


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